Blood Exchange Set

Intended Use

Intended Use

• Used for the removal of high concentrations of toxins in the blood which
are not otherwise removable by diuresis, dialysis or chelation.
• Non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, and latex-free
• ETO sterilized


• One blood transfusion set
• One extension tube with a needle and an injection site
• One extension tube
• One collection bag for discarded blood
• One X-ray opaque 5 Fr umbilical catheter
• One X-ray opaque 8 Fr umbilical catheter
• One 10mL luer locking syringe
• Two 20mL luer locking syringes
• One 25g needle
• One 4-way stopcock
• One 15cm ruler
• Three 50x50mm gauze swabs
• One table cover
• One pair of gloves
• One fenestrated drape
• One exchange transfusion record

Blood Exchange Set


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