• Our mission

    Plasti Lab is committed to exceed customer expectations by striving to provide outstanding customer service, product quality, production flexibility, high production output, and competitive prices.

  • Our vision

    Plasti Lab aims to achieve sustained development on a worldwide scope and seeks to enhance its success as a global key player in the manufacture of plastic laboratory and medical products.

  • Our values

    Plasti Lab is a family owned company which believes in the importance of strong traditional values and morals. We work with the spirit of providing our community with the means to lead healthier lives, in addition to placing our focus on people's needs.




  • We seek continual improvement through our devoted workforce, constant training & research & development department

  • By having innovation and a people-centric approach as the pillars of the company, Plasti Lab has emerged as a worldwide leader in its scope with sales covering all continents.

    Our main priorities are customer satisfaction, product excellence, and continual improvement.

    We achieve customer satisfaction by going the extra mile in order to cater to our clients & trade each and every needs. Our expert sales team is composed of multi-lingual, trained, and culturally diverse employees.

    Our product excellence is achieved through continual research and development, process validation, and quality assurance.


Plasti Lab has had the honor of receiving several prestigious awards and certifications in recognition for its outstanding quality and service.

Our dedication to providing high quality products through our effective Quality Management System has allowed us to obtain several accreditations and certifications such as the WHO-GMP, ISO 13485:2012, ISO 9001:2008, FDA approval and the CE mark.


  • We Care About Environment

    We also care about the environment and are proud in many ways of the employees who work to safeguard it.

  • We Save Energy

    We have switched the lighting system from incandescent light bulbs to LED lights and installed light sensors in low traffic areas in order to preserve energy.

  • We Recycle Unused Plastic

    Additionally, we recycle unused plastic and resell them in order to be used for other purposes.

  • We Help to Reduce Pollution

    We have also placed filters on our generators as an initiative to reduce pollution, and use solar panels for our hot water consumption.